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Peoplehive LLC is an unconventional education consultancy with a worldwide presence in North & South America, Europe, Central Asia, South East Asia, Indian Sub-Continent & Oceania. What sets us apart, is our mission of empowering students for a rewarding international career through distinguished study programmes across ‘international-student friendly’ and english-speaking countries.

Peoplehive works under the aegis of ASSOCHAM North America and Mr Abraham is the Chairman of both the organisations.

We are global study abroad consultant

The institutions and programmes are hand-picked by our highly competent education specialists on account of their international accreditation, post study work permit regulations, 100% job assurance and most importantly, relevance for students aspiring to pursue a global career in niche sectors such as Healthcare (Nursing, Gerontology / Elderly Care, Psychology), Aviation (Pilot Training, Aircraft Maintenance), Maritime (Maritime Engineering, Global Maritime Security and International Law, Archeology, Ship Building and Maintenance), Artificial Intelligence (Blockchain, Cryptocurrency etc).

Our talented team of education specialists work diligently under the guidance of Mr Pavan Abraham, one of the pioneers of international educational services in India. Mr Abraham played an instrumental role in promoting educational programmes from Australia, New Zealand and Cyprus in India in the 1990s. He also became the founding member of AAERI (Association of Australian Education Representatives in India) in October 1996.

ASSOCHAM North America: An International Chamber of Business Excellence

The North American Chapter of the 98 year old apex industry body – ASSOCHAM (The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India) has been formed to reinforce India Inc’s global presence, especially in the United States of America (USA).

A not-for-profit organisation, ASSOCHAM North America aims to position itself as an International Chamber of Business Excellence which facilitates economic relations, trade promotion and business advocacy to bolster the interests of american and Indian businesses at a national, regional and international level.

It further envisages to augment the tremendous potential for bilateral trade and commerce that exists between India and the USA, with the limelight on sectors such as defence, natural gas, energy, education, information technology, space tech, healthcare, tourism and retail among others. It also aspires to invite foreign investment to the United States and India.

Click here to learn more about ASSOCHAM North America.

Company - Peoplehive

Why Peoplehive?

Study Abroad with Peoplehive LLC

We offer a Unique Experience!

Peoplehive is an exclusive international education consultancy specialised in providing customised career guidance to each student. Every student is unique and dreams about a unique career along with harbouring a singular set of concerns regarding overseas opportunities. Our team of seasoned education experts consider every student as an individual case and help them identify the most suitable course pertinent to their career interest. Our organisation’s motto
is: ‘Qualify an ideal candidate through the perfect programme in the perfect institution and in the perfect country for a prosperous career’.

We help build International Careers!

Being associated with an international business chamber, Peoplehive boasts of a sound understanding of global trends in the recruitment industry such as high-in-demand qualifications, geography-wise work opportunities and lack of skilled workforce, up-skilling for international jobs, diversity at workplace et al. Our core objective is to assist in creating a truly international future-ready talent pool equipped with the right qualifications to stimulate the global economy.

The team at Peoplehive does not promote courses or institutions. We promote International Careers! We guide students to pursue programmes at specific institutions and countries based on future employability and industry requirement.

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