Diploma in Computer Engineering

The Diploma in Computer Engineering is where you will gain knowledge and skills in emerging fields such as the Internet of Things (IoT), data analytics, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality and smart manufacturing. With a strong understanding of the software design and application development process, you can bring your innovative ideas to life in this digital economy.

Diploma in Computer Engineering course is a 2-year diploma level course. It provides students with practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of computer engineering. It typically covers a range of topics such as computer hardware, software development, networking, and digital electronics. 

The minimum eligibility for which is 10th schooling with at least minimum aggregate marks. Admission to this course depends on candidate’s performance in their high school exams. Some institutes conduct entrance exam. Diploma in Computer Engineering course covers the basic topics from computer programming, operating system, networking etc.

Our faculty adheres to a professional model that balances the vital components of our educational mission – teaching, research, and service. The support and commitment of research and development expands our knowledge base and presents new ways to apply established science endeavouring to encourage students and faculty to share scientific knowledge through publications and presentations.

Infrastructure facilities such as class rooms, laboratories, seminar room and staff rooms are well-quipped. Besides academics, we provide pre-placement training like CIL programs, seminars, tech-talk which augments the development of soft skills, interpersonal skills and technical skills.

Diploma in Computer Engineering: Syllabus and Course Description
Semester ISemester II
Applied Mathematics IApplied Mathematics II
Applied ScienceEnglish Communication
Concepts of electrical and electronics engineeringDigital Electronics
Introduction to computer conceptsProgramming using C
Applied science LabDigital lab
Basic electronics labProgramming with C lab
Basic Computer Skills LabMultimedia Lab
Semester IIISemester IV
Computer OrganizationOOP with C++
Data Structures Using CDatabase Management System
Computer NetworksOperating System
Data Structures LabSoftware Engineering
PC Hardware and Networking labOOP with C++ lab
Graphic User Interface LabDBMS lab
Web Designing LabLinux lab
Semester VSemester VI
Basic Management Skills and Indian ConstitutionSoftware Testing
Programming with javaNetwork Security and Management
Web ProgrammingMobile Computing
Programming with java labSoftware Testing Lab
Web Programming labNetwork Security lab


Diploma in Computer Engineering: Career Prospects

Successful graduates on completion of Diploma in Computer Engineering course will be able to work in different career fields both in private and public sectors.

These sectors may include Multi-National Organizations, Network fields, Academic Institutes, Aerospace sector, Defence sector, healthcare companies, retail companies, agriculture sectors, manufacturing companies, testing companies, development areas, maintenance etc.

Major Job Profiles include web designer, programmer, technical writer, networking expert, mobile computing expert, system analyst, software engineer, operations executive, cloud architect and SaaS architect, system administrator, mobile application developer, network administrator, etc.


Diploma in Computer Engineering course annual salary

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