Bukhara State Medical Institute

History of the Institute

The Bukhara State Medical Institute was established in 1990. He was given the name "Abu Ali ibn Sino" by the Presidium of the Bukhara Regional Council of People's Deputies in March 1991.The Department of Highly Qualified Nurses was established in 1999, the Department of Medical Pedagogy in 2001, the Department of Pediatrics in 2016, and the Faculty of Medicine in 1991, 1992, and 1999, respectively. In the fields of medical biology and medical preventive, two new directions have been established as of 2018. The institute currently offers bachelor's and master's degrees in eight different fields, as well as clinical residencies in more than forty different specialties and 20 collaborative programs. It also has eight faculties and 41 departments. The institution enrolls more than 4,700 students and locals in total. lim applications. There are 400 professors and teachers employed by the institute in total, including 20 scientists with doctorates, 10 professors, 107 candidates for associate professorships in science, 100 senior teachers, and helpers. Turkish, English, Russian, Uzbek, and other languages are now taught at the Institute. The Institute provides higher-education staff with training in eight different areas for the new edition of the law "On Education":
Total Enrollment & Programs :

General Medicine is a six-year program with 1450 students enrolled at this time;

6 years of medical and educational work, 482 students are enrolled at this time;

398 students are now enrolled in a 6-year pediatrics program.

706 students are now studying dentistry during a 5-year period.

5 years of medical and preventive work, 181 students are enrolled at this time;

Biology and Medicine Faculty: 4 years, 192 students enrolled at present;

Higher Nursing - three years, 152 students enrolled;

Work on traditional medicine will take four years, and 30 students are presently enrolled.

Specialty:  General Medicine Qualification: doctor of medicine in the directions (attending physician) Duration of study: 6 years Form of study: daytime The faculty includes 8 departments:
  • Department of General Surgery
  • Department of Histology, Cytology
  • Department of Psychiatry and Narcology
  • Department of Traumatology and Neurosurgery
  • Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology № 2
  • Department of Faculty and Hospital Surgery
  • Department of Pathological Physiology
  • Department of Internal Medicine and Endocrinology

Faculty History

The medical faculty has been operating as part of the Bukhara State Medical Institute since its foundation in 1990. The faculty was founded in 1991-1992 by Associate Professor W.Kh. Hasanov, 1992-1993, after the faculty was headed by: Associate Professor R.D. Davronov, 1993-1994, Professor U.B. Bekmurodov, 1995-1996, Professor Z.Zh. Jalolov, in 1996-1998, associate professor I.A. Mirkhodzhaev, in 1998-2002, associate professor R.Sh. Kurbanov, professor Sh.Zh. in 2002-2007 Teshaev, in 2007-2009, associate professor F.E. Nurboev, in 2009-2012, associate professor N.Kh. Vohidov, Professor Sh.Zh. Teshaev in 2012-2018, in 2018, associate professor F. Khamroev, and from 2018 to this day, the faculty is headed by Professor B.B. Safoev.



Campus Life

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